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Company Profile

Titus Technological Laboratories (TTL) was started in 1971 by Lawrence Titus to answer a need in the industry for resourceful answers to the everyday problems broadcast engineers found. For over twenty years Mr. Titus was involved with broadcast engineering, working as a broadcast engineer at radio and television stations in the United States in addition to running TTL. During the past 35 years, Mr. Titus has devoted full time to TTL. Mr. Titus is an author of many articles on various aspects of broadcast engineering as well as consultant to several major broadcast facilities.

In the beginning, most of the products that TTL built were custom designs with simple applications for local radio and television stations. Later, the designs became much more sophisticated and the applications more varied.

Although there are many products in the current line, the company philosophy still persists that there is no such thing as NIH (not invented here). If an engineer has a unique requirement in his or her broadcast facility then a solution can be designed and implemented for that engineer. Over 40% of the products sold by TTL are custom designs for broadcasting. Such diverse items as billboard display lighting and animation, automatic dialers for weather services and prison escape notification systems, remote control mike switchers, custom audio mixing and routing, unique FM monitoring systems, listening systems for cave guided tours, internet control, nuclear containment robot control systems, marine power monitoring systems, Syndex and non-dupe video transmission equipment, and airplane communications interfacing, have been built by TTL.

At its present location in Glastonbury, Connecticut since 1988, Titus Technological Laboratories has been the equipment supplier of preference around the world for major broadcasting facilities such as ESPN, NBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ESPN Star Sports (Singapore), CBS, Unistar/Westwood One, Bloomberg Financial Group, at&t, Greater Media, Radio Berlin (Germany), Taiwan Public Broadcast, PBS, SIRIUS, ABC, and countless radio, television, and satellite stations around the world.

In addition to manufacturing equipment for sale to broadcasters, Titus Technological Laboratories also supplies other broadcast equipment manufacturers with parts, designs, and consulting services. 


Please contact the factory with your questions at:

77 Kreiger Lane Glastonbury, CT 06033

Phone (860)633-5472